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Exclusive Abstract Wallpapers

While beauty is subjective, we've found the exact visual definition of beauty in stunning and colorful abstract wallpapers. That's why we are welcoming you to check out our exclusive abstract 3D wallpapers brought to you by WallpapersHome!

Typography Wallpapers

Typography Wallpapers

Colorful abstract typography wallpapers is the best way to customize your computer or smartphone appearance, if you want your background to express your mood or feelings with the actual words.

Abstract Wallpapers As a Form of Expression

Amazing Abstractions by Ari Weinkle

Abstractions by Ari Weinkle

Ari Weinkle is a professional designer and artist, who specializes in abstract artwork, experimental typography, and conceptual design. In his abstractions, he uses all kinds of natural shapes and forms.

Abstractions by Alexis Persani

Abstractions by Alexis Persani

You are welcome to explore the incredible gallery of Alexis Persani's 4k abstract wallpapers and artworks inspired by a very interesting visual alphabet, abstract letters and shapes, with various textures and influences.

4K Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography

Nature is the best artist. You should be able to capture and emphasize her mood, colors, lighting, and then add a pinch of your own imagination, in order to get an amazing abstract photo without any computer graphics.

Pattern 4K Wallpapers

Pattern Wallpapers

Being happy with your device's wallpaper is very important. The background pic can influence your mood and thoughts. That's why we carefully collected those beautiful 4k abstract wallpapers in our gallery for you.