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Nature is a Home to Everything


Beautiful Clouds

When the weather is still and dreamy, a lake reflects the clouds in its placid waters, as though heaven comes down to earth. And then you never know where is water and where is the sky.


Colorful Flowers

Pansies are the flowers of memory, yet any flower can symbolize a memorable occurrence. The blooming of a plant is the acme of its youth, and youth is what we want to remember and hold to.

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Charming Forests

Forests are one of the finest parts of the environment, both human and animals, and even nature itself cannot exist without. We must preserve the forests so that we have more fresh air to breathe.


Fine Meadows

Appealing meadows became the subject of many poems and literary tales, as well as inspiration for writers and artists. The nature is so magnificent, it always fascinates and attracts the eye.


Fantastic Mountains

There is something spectacular about mountains. Someone likes to look at them from afar, someone takes the challenge and tries to climb to the very top. Well, in general... mountains are just beautiful!


Water As It Is

The water is beautiful. In each of its aggregate states, water looks excellent. It can both rejoice and soothe you, it can make you happy. Not even mentioning the fact that water is necessary for us to live.