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Soccer wallpapers


Whether you call it soccer or football, this is the most popular and famous sports game ever in the world. It's involving millions of fans all over the globe, and millions of dollars spent on best soccer players.

Basketball wallpapers


As any other sports game, basketball has its own icons. Some of them have never played in the NBA, but the legend of their greatness remains strong, as the popularity of this sport is constantly growing.

World's Top Sports & Fitness Activities

WRC & Rally Racing

WRC & Rally Racing

Rally Racing or WRC is originally one of the most dangerous forms of motorsport, with no ovals, pace cars or rain delays. It's just real cars racing against the clock on real roads that are unpaved and unforgiving.

Surfing Wallpapers


Surfing pretty much is one of the coolest water sports. It gives you the opportunity to go one-on-one with the elements of nature, literally saddle a huge wave, the height of which often exceeds human growth.

Boxing wallpapers


You don't necessarily have to be a man, to be successful in boxing, but you must be strong with your body and your spirit, the fear should be left behind in order to get success in this very competitive sport.

Gym & Workout Wallpapers

Gym & Workout

Not being a sports team player doesn't mean you don't need to keep your body in a good shape. Not speaking of bodybuilding or weight loss, just a little regular workout will improve the quality of your life.